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7 Designer Styles by SILFEESE to Consider For Next Sunday Service

Hey friends, I’m here to help us in style selection for those that need new and fresh styles or those considering adding to their wardrobe. Here are some simple styles to consider, and guess what? It’s all about SilFeese. A classic fashion Label and outfit..!!! 

 Sil Feese is a graduate of Sociology from Benue State University. A Benue Female Designer  who has a strong passion for fashion / Style Industry which she mentioned is her Major driving force, pushing her to work harder every time. The designer who started out her career owning a fashion Boutique then switched lanes for sewing classic stitches and thriving clothing line when she kept getting positive feedback from her designs, which then, was majorly done for friends and family. She has expanded her flawless and talented stitches to a trending clothing line, 

Her label specializes in custom made and ready to wear attires for both Male and Female. She is also keen about Benue young aspiring talents in all creativity endeavors .

Today’s feature is all about WHAT YOU ARE CONSIDERING WEARING FOR NEXT SUNDAY SERVICE. They fit perfectly in our Sunday service collections. WATCH OUT FOR THIS FASHION DESIGNER. Thank you as you browse through and hope you see something you’d like..!!!

Our first pick on the list is this nice high waist Black Gown with a belt, CHECK THIS OUT !!

If you know say you want to step out in grand style and have the choir sing special number on your head, OMO..!! don’t think twice about this sweet (in fact overly sweet)  skirt and blouse and fish-tail skirt always achieves it’s aim every time, but, make sure you rock it well oh. That green look just makes the whole statement..MENH..!! 

If you feel like you’re in the mood for a simple out fit to hit the church. The Beads fit red dress and it fits to match a coffee brown bag and shoes then you should try out SILFEESE you would totally slay in that any given Sunday.

Hmmm, this is another mini dress. This time, it’s flowing sleeve. Biko, this is a must have. It’s simple, classy and meant for Over Sabi wetin dey-babes. Try it out, you don’t have to wear it immediately, it can be that secret weapon in your wardrobe.

Our next pick is this simple plus sized Top, Jacket and Skirt on the knees, you can totally kill it with a nice belt to match. SILFEESE killed IT

It’s all about #SilFeese #workofmyhands# place your order now , made and deliver to u within 3 days in any part of Nigeria and one week outside Nigeria. U can now reach SILFEESE on 09099508017 for your orders and inquiry. 

Model: “Sil Feese”

See ya Later

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