After The Wedding Comes…. Marriage!!!!

I saw your wedding card; I am both happy and bothered!

1. The way you have handled people, how’s your spouse going to be handled?

2. I see marriages end everyday and I am wondering if you know what you are about to get into!

3. I hope you aren’t just about the excitement of getting married, have you thought deeply what this is about?

4. Have you critically thought about patience, forgiveness and long-suffering? They don’t sound palatable but there is nothing you can do about needing these!

5. Hope you know that no marriage will last if we are self centered, puffed up and die hard opinionated?

6. This isn’t about great companion, good sex and all, this is also responsibility of the highest order

7. I am just wondering if you have thought deeply about it, is your spouse going to be a beneficiary or a victim of your character?

8. So, hope you are ready for work? Marriage turns out to be exactly what the couple make it! It doesn’t just happen

9. After the ceremony, life begins! Marriage happens!

10. Smash Proposals, pre-wedding shoots, dope or whatever ceremony are not as powerful as your combine character can make the marriage!

11. Have you ever asked yourself what happens between ‘I do’ and ‘divorce court?

12. Stop sweeping core weaknesses under the carpet just because you are desperate to be married

13. If you aren’t comfortable with it and cannot happily live with it, don’t force the marriage

14. Subject your emotion to logic! Think clearly about each other and be frank enough to ask ‘how far can we go?

15. Make sure your heart is clear about the future! Don’t marry the unknown!

16. Don’t be stupid! It is not negative confession, it is being watchful! If they don’t align, don’t follow! If you blindfold yourself into trouble the experience is yours!

17. It’s a hard thing when marriage regretful for someone who saw it coming but refused to take heed!

18. Even if they live inside church, that’s not enough, by their fruits

19. I tell you as it is, the person you chose is the experience you selected!

20. In the end, it’s either joy or sorry or just there! You have the chance to prayerfully choose

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