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BENUE YOUTH HANGOUT: Contradict The Older Generation – Rev Solomon Mfa

Benue Youth Hangout presents Rev. Solomon Mfa’s presentation @ the event. Its mind blowing and inspirational to effect progress and change amongs Youth in all endeveours of life.

Please read Away:

“Anaxmenes was a Cynic Greek Philosopher who insisted that there are two types of people who can you the truth about yourself. First being those who hate you very much and they do it only when there is some understanding. The second group are those who love you very much. They become your mirror. I am going to you the truth because I love you very much.

Do you know the older generation has refused and bluntly to take you seriously? Listen to some of them:

BENJAMIN DISRAELI (1804-1881), the First Earl of Beaconsfield said that “Youth is a MERE BLUNDER”! That means YOUTH is a mistake, an error, a fumble, a miscalculation, a bundle of confusion!

KENISTON said youth are vicious and wanton, nasty and spiteful, debased and rotten!

HENDIN tags youth as a “carefree hair raising generation”!

GUSTIN made rubbish of the youth when he made bold to describe youth as “a boiling point of unbridled depravity, disappointingly irresponsible, flooded with irrational impulses, condemned to remain hopelessly and helplessly confused and an enigma to themselves and everyone”!

Recently one elder told me that, “today’s youth are, in a comparative sense, worse than we were.” Imagine! Young people, you have got problems. Yes, this is the mother of problems staring at you scornfully in the face: THE OLDER GENERATION HAS NO FAITH IN YOU OR HAS LOST FAITH AND CONFIDENCE IN YOU. This is the PROBLEM at your doorsteps! The question begging for answers is WHAT SHOULD THE YOUTH DO?

This is what the youth MUST do:

A pregnant woman entered a bus and it was written on the wall of the bus, “DO NOT SPIT ON THE FLOOR”. When she felt like SPITTING she stood up and SPAT on the ceiling.

My message is simple… My dear youth be like the pregnant woman in the story, CONTRADICT THE ELDERS OPINION OF YOU.

When they say you are PROUD try to be HUMBLE!

When they say you are BAD try to be GOOD!

When they say you are USELESS try to be USEFUL !

When they say you are VICIOUS try to VIRTUOUS !

When they say you are SAUCY try to be MANNERLY !

When they say you are IMMORAL try to be DECENT !

When they say you are SINNERS try to be SAINTS !

YES, you can…

YES, you Will…

YES, you MUST !

Do not give any man an opportunity to despise your youth. 1st Tim 4:12


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