Pre-Wedding Photos

BweD: Gande Adoo-Gande & Tuluma Josephine’s Prewedding Photos (Native Attire Look)

Josephine and Adoo’s entry warmed our heart so much and we hope it does same to you.

Josephine Doofan Tuluma is engaged to her beau Adoo-Gande Or Kwande and We love their fun and wedding photo shoot. Their love, realness, and friendship is so obvious in each photo.

Gande and Tuluma sure have it together and we wish them the best in their union.

The traditional marriage between Josephine Doofan Tuluma and Gande Adoo-Gande Or-Kwande holds on Saturday, 2nd December 2017 @ Tse Tuluma, Mbabion Ushongo LGA Benue State.

One thing clear about the beautiful couple is that they love to explore and have a thing for nature!

BWED wishes the couple a lifetime of joy and love together

#Photocredit – MemoCapture

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