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BweD: Gande Adoo-Gande & Tuluma Josephine’s Tradtiional Wedding

As a follow-up to our phenomenal traditional -themed pre-wedding photos of Mr Gande Adoo-Gande & Tuluma Josephine, the couple traditionally sealed the deal with an impressive all white and Black Tiv traditional ceremony at Tse Tuluma in Ushongo Benue

Fast REWIND to Saturday 2nd November 2017, tucked away behind the hills at the Tuluma residence. The two family negotiated the dues and bride price held in a private ceremony for close friends and family, strictly by invitation and away from the prying eyes of the general public.The ceremony was in two phases and started with a traditional engagement and blessing at midday and a mind-blowing reception at noon. And of course, to show support a lot of personal Friends and Facebook pals stormed the event as well.

Enough of the spoilers. Check out these pictures from Gande and Josephine’s Traditional wedding.

Most dazzling at event was the bride and groom’s outfits, carefully sewn and tailored to world class.

Roll Call of Pals are:
Dagbera U Kunav Smith Akôm Takema, Elijah Terdoo Ikpanor, Kamo Sende, Jennifer Tiza, Sewe Shiphrah Anikpabo, Iorhen Matthew-Terver Maximillian, Aerkera Kumawuese, Ter Beston Daniel Agera, Orduen Philip, Hastings Uhia, Grace Orhena Akaainjo, Margret Kenina, Msurshima Ijov,  Stella Koko, Anna White Agbo, Sandra Doo Iorliam, Quincy Savalake, Kaase Adzaugbah Sesugh Atoato Igirgi, Sewuese Ugbaa Conan-Moses Orseer Anyamikegh, d’Real Kumashe, Estephania Azer, Awashima Azege, Tsebee Mnena, Jerome Ugah, Sonia Tingir, Moave Copeland Garba, Simon Hambe , Doris Akperashi, Eucharia Winniefred Osinlu, Rotr Jude Tersoo Tsavnande, Michelle Mimi Tsavnande,  Terdoo Aker, Jessica Tyungu, Theophilus Ubwa, Terver Lim,  Shake Speare( Sefa Ikpa) , Morris Bogzy Bogbenda and his soon to be wife Gire Bemcruise, Colorado Aii, Hephzibah Iyua Tseen,  DooWini Ashekuma Akpenkaan,  Achimba Charles Obrainz Nguuma Shember, Joy Torkobo, Anyam Abigail, Nguemo Achimba Tennison Tor Shaapera Bem Emmanuel Kume sesuul Idianna Rosemary Kashimana Tile and Hubby Comr Aloo James Agbose Bem Adi Vera, Dooshima Tsavnande ,Makir Ahemen Ajiva Nana , Hennen Ahura (BweD Blogger), Or carpenter Shimadoo Doreen Igbalumun,  The Tuluma and Adoo Gande Families and alot of friends

BweD wishes the couple a beautiful church wedding ceremony and a blessed marriage as they spend their lives together!  See their official Traditional wedding photos

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