Hope you enjoyed Val’s day? Mine was great as Sucre Afrique sent us a free box of cupcakes and the gang devoured it. We came to many different conclusions as to what our different taste buds were going through but in the end we all concluded that there’s NO SUGAR LIKE THE AFRICAN SUGAR! (Literally)


Sucre Afrique is owned and run by the wonderful ‘Msen Akpar‘. (Fine girl, too much sense) All we did was get her Whatsapp number from a facebook post and we started discussing. Judging by the time we actually received the cake, it is most likely that you should place the order at least 3 days before you actually need to eat the cake. Anyways, she promised free cakes and we definitely got em!!



The small black woman literally went through great lengths to deliver the product. Moving from Lower Benue to town just to deliver cakes requires great effort. Something which she did with outright smartness. I got to understand that there is an actual delivery charge for purchased boxes. It’s not much, it’s actually worth it.


The cakes came in a hand crafted box. Mine had my name on the cover, like it was made with me in mind. The boxes have an African vibe to them with the covers having various kinds of designs. The brand somehow manages to outdo its competition without doing too much.



In the title of this post, I already named the brand a ‘Premium’ brand. The entire word is a canopy for the quality. Sucre Afrique puts into cakes, a simple bite creates a surge of dopamine as well as a sugary explosion in your mouth, not leaving out the softness of the cakes that are similar to the softness of candy floss. Msen Akpar’s outfit might just be the next big thing in our little town’s world of cakes. The Mastery of the Art of Baking places this brand in my list (I actually have a list) of favourites. And, I see myself placing an actual (Paid) order in days to come.


Final Rating: 3.5/5

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