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City Review: K’s Cakes

Hello People,

This is a double packaged review of K’s Cakes and their beef burger alongside their Oreo Milkshake. Makurdi is a beautiful and exciting city, if you just know where to go. Allow me show you places you want to go to.

Having recently relocated to Makurdi, I’m one that loves sightseeing and good food. Being a private person, I stopped going to ruthies ever since the entire city started going there. Last week I had a burger and an Oreo Milkshake at K’s Cakes and Here’s what I think.



K’s cakes is located at railway bye pass Makurdi opposite Bencos bookshop (Bencos have moved from wadata) anyways, K’s cakes’ building spots an eye catching Orange blended with green (You can’t miss it) Now, why I was initially scared of going there was so I wouldn’t get mediocre products, however, according to their banner outside the shop; they have Pizza, burger, Ice-cream, milkshakes, cocktails and a bunch of other stuff. So, did I finally go? Of course, I’m a foodie and they provided heaven.


Personal Experience:

It was drizzling when I picked okada from my house to K’s cakes. Now, my house is actually close and on a regular day, I would have trekked. I arrive the orange building, walk through the door and there is nobody in the sitting area. There was actually nobody to attend to me. But, I actually sat and waited. After about ten minutes, I received a call and as I was speaking, someone showed up. Not to keep them waiting, I hung up and ordered a beef burger with cheese, alongside a supporting Oreo Milkshake. (Mostly because My Favorite Ice-cream flavor is Vanilla Oreo)

There was some more waiting and then the Milkshake showed up. The packaging of the Milkshake sef made me super excited. The moment the drink appeared in my front, I drew a sip on the blue straw and the next thing I knew was an instant release of dopamine in my head. Lord Knows I wished I ordered two Milkshakes. I have to commend this one, it actually beats my regular five scoops of Ruthies Ice-cream and it is more satisfying (This is not a comparison, Ruthies is an equally amazing place. Read my Ruthies review whenever you can)

The Burger now came. I have never, in my time in Makurdi tasted something this interesting. How does someone qualify food as interesting? Interesting food is the kind of food gives you all the different tastes of ingredients blended together at the same time when it’s in your mouth, to give one ultimate taste. The burger was the standard ish I had eaten in cities like Bauchi and Abuja and it was there sitting before me in Makurdi; the most underrated city for Nigerian foodies. No offence there.

I couldn’t get enough of this one experience. I was humbled by the food in K’s Cakes and guess what? The Milkshake and Burger cost me just N1,500. Amazing taste at the most affordable rates.

PS: A nice lady apologized for the time thingy, but after the awesome experience; I’d like to say it was worth the wait.


I can’t remember everything in the Menu but, I got these prices;


Veggie Pizza:

10 inch: N2500

12 Inch: N3000

16 inch: N3500

Chicken Pizza:

10 inch: N2500

12 Inch: N3000

16 inch: N3500

Meat Fiesta Pizza:

10 inch: N2500

12 Inch: N3000

16 inch: N3500

Fiery Hawaiian Pizza:

10 inch: N2500

12 Inch: N3000

16 inch: N3500

The prices above are for the most affordable Pizza; Note there are sixteen different variants. When you go there you go know the one wey you want. Anyways, I cannot come and drop only price for you, the post is getting long. Lemme write my recommendation and leave you.

Recommendation (Notes to whoever is in charge of K’s Cakes)

  1. Why not have a site

So, I know Makurdi places don’t have sites. However, consider the time customers spend waiting, what if you had a site where customers could make reservations, such that they say what they want and when they intend to show up. So that once they come in everything is served without hassles. For customers at home you can have a store on the same site where customers can pay online for your services and you deliver. You can even add a delivery charge depending on where the customer is ordering from. So that you have a delivery service and an active booking system online (Personally, I can build this for you. I’ll send a message on your whatsapp number)

  1. Active Social Media handles

Your stuff is amazing. Don’t be shy, go on social media and INTERACT. Have games and quizzes and let the winner get a milkshake. Talk to the people and the people will talk back. Having a page is not enough, Make us love you.

  1. Like on social media

Big ups K’s Cakes; I might come and do a pizza review soon. Please keep the standard.

From your biggest fan: Tyler.

Did I leave out something? Tell me in the comments below

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