Bridal Showers

Eunice Abam’s Lovely Hen Night

Hi People,

Its all about latest Bride Eunice Abam had a fun crazy Hen night with her friends Jenifer Tiza, Bobby Hills and host of lovely beautiful Benue Ladies in our beloved Makurdi. It was a beautiful evening and it is safe to say if  Eunice and her friends collapsed into the prettiness overload.!!!

It Was about Eunice who simply wanted a fun house with no limits. She wanted her guests to have a fabulous time, and a memorable one! The ladies played and joked like mad ; and all who knows best about the bride, danced and of course Drinks and Food are arguably the best and most important part of any bridal shower (asides from the bride of course).

  A lot of emotional moments filled the house, a lot of laughter, tears and heartfelt talk about how much the bride meant to each and everyone of her friends..!!

Happy Married Life Eunice 

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