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Hello People,

Coming this August 18th and 19th !!!!!! THE SPOT in conjunction with TAAFOUNDATION is proud to bring to you an exponent summer fair with music, games and a wide variety mouth-savvy meals. We are so excited about this, can’t wait for 18th and 19th of August 2017. The long anticipated Benue Summer Fair happening at Fun City Park. This landmark event is the start of history being written which would have great impact on generations to come in and around the community. The BENUE SUMMER  FAIR seeks to Raise community awareness about food, the vendors ; Promote the Community Cuisine, vendors as wells as bring in vendors outside the community to increase services and more businesses around, healthy living, community health among other objectives.

Attractions will include Raffle Draw, Good Food, discounted prices, prizes to be won, Virtual Reality experience, Amazing Drinks, Wine Tasting, Paparazzi, Games, Performances, Competition, Good Music, Freebies and even Vendors are not left out of the fun as there would be vendor awards.

Pre-order your Benue Summer Fair Tees in your favorite color and call the numbers to get tickets or book a stand with us. Call 08167486055 / 08113222790. Register as Exhibitor or Vendor in order to build brand awareness, connect to an engaged audience. Stimulate your sales.

If you are Gamer. You have a chance to win 10k in the FIFA 2017 Challenge at the fair. Come and show how badass you can be on the console with a game pad in your hands. So don’t miss this awoof.

A host of Artist will be will be performing live at Benue Summer Fair namely Shogzi, Majesty, GeorgeMilla, Doc Rainz and others … don’t miss it..

It’s the First ever community-Driven Fair where Benue and its environs would welcome a range of games, foods and drink vendors as well as food lovers to an outdoor summer fair.  It is a fun day of food, fun and networking for the entire family, so mark your calendars right now.  The Benue Summer Fair is open to the public and will feature a wide range of variety ranging from fresh organic foods, dry foods, and pastries, already made dishes, ready to eat consumables, street foods, pre-consumables as well as top quality wine & champagnes.

 This is why  you should not miss the opportunity to participate in or simply attend the BENUE SUMMER FAIR this year.  This event promises to be more remarkable than imagined and an exciting event creating an avenue to network in the community. With a number of amazing exhibitors, your new favorite food and drinks are only a sample away. Whether you’re into sweet or savory, juice, beer or wine, we’ve got you covered!

Date: Friday and Saturday 18-19th August 2017

Time: 12noon  – 6pm


Gate pass: N500 Adult & 1000 Kids

We look forward to your attendance and participation. Let’s Buy Naira to Grow the Naira. Recession is not an excuse not to have good food!!

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