It’s Mimi Atedze’s Birthday. Lets Celebrate Her !!!

Whoop People !!!!

It’s a blogger sister’s Birthday today!! Whoop!! Our darling sister MIMI ADTEZE is a year older today and I’m so excited she’s alive and well, and happy. Mimi Adteze is aging with style and swag. Fabmimi as she is fondly known in the blogging arena. I am very correct and safe if you say she is one of the best things that happened to the Nigerian Social Media especially among Benue female bloggers.

Mimi Atedze. Benue Born, born in a family with a really humble background. She was raised from a christian home. Graduate of History and International studies. A Friend, Sister, Human Rights Activist, entrepreneur, a wife, a mother and a blogger. A great Benue woman of TIV extraction with a great sense of humor and a tunnel of hope for the aspiring Benue women and women far and wide. Life should not only be Lived, it should be celebrated to the fullest.

Your advises are one of the driving force behind the style and distinction of Your Realness, hard work and the originality in your style of blogging has created a fan base that would stop at nothing to bring awareness to the world .

We love you loads. We do. Now rock out!!! Whoop!!

Have a fabulous Birthday from Hennen Ahura and

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