Traditional Weddings

When Kuma Moor Traditionally Married Mnena Iorkyumbul.

Hello Folks,

Dont we just love Benue Weddings, On the 28th of April, a lovely weekend we can not forget in a hurry, when Kuma Moor Kpire boldly manned up do the Traditional Rites asking for blessing to marry Mnena Iorkyumbul at No 7 Sam Orun Street, Market road Makurdi Benue State.

#MK‘s wedding was adorned with family, friends and well wishers. The Traditional attire was fabulous from the Tiv traditional a’nger (attire) to the Red Aso-ike. The colors were just fabulous mixed altogether to make the Kwase (bride) look a take away as she matched perfectly with Kuma’s Arewa styled cap and white dazzling Agbada like a senator in the making.!!

Happy Married Life #MK 

BweD wishes Happy Married Life Kuma and Mnena…!!!

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