LEAD BENUE presents a Symposium “The Role of the Nigerian Youth in Nigeria Rebirth”

Hello Everyone;

“Youth are the engine room of every nation. The similitude of the importance of youth to nation building could be likened to a car engine, without which, vehicles can’t move, so also without youth, a nation cannot thrive”.

In this Light “LEAD BENUE” presents a unique Symposium titled “THE ROLE OF THE NIGERIAN YOUTH  IN NIGERIA REBIRTH”.


LeadBenue specially stands Leadership for Emancipation and Development of Nigeria. This is an event that will recreate the mind, the intellect and the Will for the Emancipation and Development of Nigeria, beginning with Benue our home. We have being meeting and brainstorming now it’s time to brainstorm with the larger Benue youth population, the elders who think fresh can also attend, let’s talk and see if we are innocent of the bad leadership we have always grumbled about.

Our mistakes are our greatest asset moving forward cos we will be moving forward with new strength from the new knowledge and LEAD provides the way. Follow the arrow in LEAD.

As a Benue Youth, Endeavor to be @:

VENUE: J.S Tarka Institute for Politics, Gboko , Benue State. 

DATE: 27th May, 2017.  | TIME: 9 am – 4:00 pm

Be THERE @ this Ground Changing Event….!!!!!

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