LeadBenue presents a Symposium titled ” The Youth As a Critical Currency In Politics

Hello Everyone;

Too many times we have waited for nation of our dreams and hoped that it will happen without concrete work.
The laizze-faire attitude of governments in power has always been met at loggerheads with individualistic interference in every state that made progress. Consequent from this and desirous of forging a positive Benue and Nigeria as a whole; LEADBenue has undertaken to salvage the situation.


LEAD Benue is an acronym for Leadership Emancipation for Advancement and Development of Benue. We represent a creative and innovative solutions to contemporary problems that have impeded the development of Benue State. Vision: To make Benue State a self sustaining economic entity through the effective use of available natural and human resources. Mission: LEAD’s mission is to apply social impact investment as a means to achieve sustainable development and improve the quality of life of Benue Indigenes Value 1. Justice 2. Transparency 3. Accountability


We have been in the “business” little less than a year now and progress has been made. At the next stop in Otukpo we would continue to do the best we can do and who better as a choice for LEAD speaker;

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the LEAD speaker of the Otukpo symposium: Professor Yakubu Ochefu. (The astute scholar and erstwhile vice chancellor of the celebrated Kwararafa University is not a new name to not just academics but the Nigerian society. He has made his mark and proven a valuable adjunct to a progressive society)

As a Benue Youth, Endeavor to be @:

VENUE: Otukpo Town, Otukpo , Benue State. 

DATE: 30th September, 2017.  | TIME: 9 am – 4:00 pm

Let us make ourselves more effective and efficient in the political process of our State… LEAD is neither a political party or an opposition platform.. But a movement for a greater Benue..!!

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