Bridal Showers

Mnena Iorkyumbul’s Lovely Bridal Shower

Mnena Iorkyumbul had a surprised bridal shower organised by my darling friends last month. She said Good bye to Spinster Hood to become a wife and Mrs. Her adorable friends namely Adenike Adeleke, Helen Terna, Sylvia Nanev, Louisa Doo Iorkyumbul, Kashimana Paris Kyase, Patience Targema, Abigail Nguher Atagher, Hembafan Kimbir, Sarah Enegide, Eke Maryann and a host of others decided to give her a farewell from being MISS to becoming MRS. Of course there was fun, drinks, chocolates and lots of food as the ladies caught all the fun of the night. 

Check this Out….!!!

Happy Married Life Mnena Iorkyumbul Moor

Photo Credits: John Aba Photography.

Cake by Sese Aggie

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