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Motivational Talk: An Evening With Al UTSAHA (Improving the Agricultural Value Chain In BENUE STATE)

Hello People

Who else looks up to Wednesdays like I do? An Evening with AL UTSAHA.

In creating opportunities to change our world, we need to hear the minds of those who will stand in line, we need seek for clarification, we need to add our voices to improve how we are governed, not one man, but each of us holding our hands together, we can go further than we have ever been. 
Listen to AL, share your thoughts with him!

We must change the narrative to move forward. Holding hands, nothing is impossible. 

DATE: TODAY 15th November 2017


1.0 As announced earlier, the next edition of “An Evening with AL” will come up on Wednesday November,15 2017.

2.0 The considered topic for this edition is “”Improving the agricultural value chain in Benue”.

3.0 As stated in the maiden edition script, candidate AL Utsaha will be answering questions only on this topic;

4.0 We take this time out to appreciate all those who participated in the last edition at such short notice.

We enjoin all and sundry to participate in this edition and share thoughts and ideas with Candidate AL.

5.0 Retain the assurance of our esteemed regards.

Participants are encouraged to keep their questions around the topic.

Join us again this Wednesday as we continue to deepen discussions on problems surrounding our environment. To be part of the discussion, search for Benue First official Facebook page by typing @utsaha2019 in the search box or Click on the Link:




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