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The organizing body of Nfob Global Entertainment in partnership with Ene Eco and Zeemarite Gallery Int’l brings the WOF AWARDS series to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The prestigious awards celebrate Abuja/Nigerian women who defy all odds to stand out successfully; highlighting the important contribution that women are making in the Nigerian emerging economy. WOF OBJECTIVES include promoting women leadership, celebrating women and their transformative power and to commend women entrepreneurs and professionals who have been successful in their chosen sphere of businesses and careers in the Federal Capital Territory & Nigeria.

WOMAN ON FIRE is committed to awarding women who are recognized and voted by their peers as trail blazers, change makers, and community champions. The award winners are acknowledged for their empowerment, prowess, and mentorship while also creating a measure of success in their lives and the people surrounding them through their various and distinct businesses.

WOF celebrates 10 honorary recipients who have contributed in national development in no small measure especially being able to implement policies that affective positively the dynamic and rapidly evolving Nigerian society and the world at large. 


Since its inception in May 2015, WOMAN ON FIRE has grown from sixty energetic and optimistic female entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners to an annual 100 woman event celebrating excellence, service and dedication to community development and awards ceremonies in Nigeria.

Hosted by Spitz Josef Igomu aka The Event Planner, his expertise in supporting small home based businesses while acting as an advocate and business consultant has him witness firsthand the trials, tribulations and challenges indicative of female based startups with little to no mentoring or financial backing, while often juggling the responsibilities of jobs raising – all in his mind, were and continue to be, an advocate for the WOMAN ON FIRE. WOMAN ON FIRE provides incredible networking opportunities for women in all stages of their entrepreneurial growth.


The awards have been designed around the six major categories of women represented by the WOF Initiative, such that it incorporates and celebrates the many different roles that women play in our society.

The award categories include:

  • WOF  Entrepreneur of the Year
  • WOF Community Activist
  • WOF Business Woman of the year
  • WOF Young professional of the year
  • WOF Seasoned professional of the year
  • WOF Amazon of the year (WOF and Family)

WOMAN ON FIRE provides incredible networking opportunities for women in all stages of their entrepreneurial growth.


The gallery reception/ceremony holds on the 10th of May at the International Conference Center, Abuja by exactly 5pm prompt. The event will feature prominently music, awards, fashion, and comedy and will witness an array of celebrities, dignitaries, the elite class, industry stakeholders and women in national development in attendance.

Details and event updates will unfold soonest.

See flyers for partnership and sponsorship enquiries.


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