Pre-Wedding Photos

Photos from Gaaba Aver Doose & Musghter Aboho’s Pre-Wedding Shoot

Hello Everyone.

BweD is so excited to be spicing up your Easter Holidays with this absolutely beautiful pre-wedding photo-shoot featuring two lovely Lovebirds Gaaba Aver Doose & Msughter Ityokumba Aboho..!!! So engagement sessions these days are tending toward mini-movies with fancy private jets and under-water photo sessions and Bwed is a sucker for all that dramatic stuff…!!!!

In fact, Love truly is a beautiful thing..!!! Happening life @ NKST HIGH LEVEL MAKURDI, BENUE STATE on the 15th April 2017 and the reception would be @ IBB SQUARE, MAKURDI Benue State……!!!

BWED: You can see more of their work here on our Instagram page. I would love to see more creative interesting ideas from Benue couples, but nothing makes my heart stop faster than seeing photos of a couple who is clearly in love, and that’s exactly what BweD is able to portray at Photo Sessions.

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