Rally: Charly Boy Hits Makurdi For Our Mumu Don Do 


#OurMumuDonDo is a Nigerian Good Governance and Citizens Advocacy Project for Mass Empowerment; Citizens Engagement; Nationalistic Studies; Mental Emancipation and Popular Struggling for the Good of all Nigerians.Ensure that social justice, fairness & equality as well as the empowerment of the people are felt at all levels of government in Nigeria. The People will Drive Policies and we advocate for nationalism & mass oriented education

Benue is  YOUR  TURN. Its coming to our state, the train has moved from Owerri to Benue. The rally focuses on building active citizens, self-conscious youths, responsible leaders and loyal followers. Kudos to the exceptional youths of Benue. We stand united in our struggle to attain national excellence. We are ready when your state is ready.

#OurMumuDonDo headed by Charly Boy Oputa aka Area Father who has hit Makurdi to do a street rally tomorrow:

#Time: 8 am

#Venue:  From Benue State University (BSU first gate)  to Balcony parks and garden

Its a to speak to Nigerians especially the young our voter registration, cultism, thuggery and issues confronting Nigerians in our everyday live. Be there tomorrow.


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