Review: How Benue Youth Hangout Went Down- It Was a Huge Success.

Hey People,

Its exactly 2 weeks, I guess we all had a fabulous time @BENUE YOUTH HANGOUT  tagged: “LET’S TALK” .  Its an Event to Remember and have a rethink about what direction Benue should head..!!

The event was a huge success. A lot was said, a lot was achieved and more could still be done. This year’s event was geared towards creating positive impact on societal issues such as politics, social media influence, gender roles, youth empowerment, leadership and financial literacy. The event organised by some selected youth who have the interest of their dear Benue state at heart. Enough kudos to the convener of the Event Miss Rakel Unom( the Convener of the event) and her organizing Team, Joel T. Kross, Mary Sewuese Ugbaa,  Ivy May Uji, Sefa NairaLoaded Ikpa, Stella Damna, Tuluma Josephine etc. who worked round the clock in bringing forth an event that has awaken the minds of every Benue Youth,

Here are the scenes and gist:

The Event was Anchored by the popular MC Henry Ipole of Radio Benue Makurdi and had an amazing group of speakers namely Miss Lois Iorvihi, Adinya Uji , Hon.Bula Wilfred, Averr Ub Riels and Laz Apir who did justice to tackling various topic concerning Benue and her Youth. The topics ranged from Enterprenuership, Youth Inclusion in Politcs, Protecting Image of the Benue woman, Social Media Activities and harnessing the social media to promote Benue 

We are a very intelligent set of folks. I’m so proud to be a Benue Youth. Just as Benue youth are said to be good at fighting dirty, the same way they are damn good upstairs.

No killing,no thuggery,no rigging,no slandering,no hating,no fighting,no lobbying,no violence of any kind!!!

There’s so much that was talked about by Benue Youths even though the message was gripping and crystal clear to every one. Yet there was a lot that wasn’t said but we said a lot and we achieved a lot.

Of course, Rt. Hon Terkimbi Ikyange (Speaker Benue State House of Assembly) was in attendance. He spoke as a youth himself asking Benue youth not to be discouraged about running for office. Even-though most of the youths were not encouraged and feeling his speech.  That’s a baseline underground gist sha!!! 

With a standing ovation, Rev Fr. Solomon Mka was in attendance and he delivered a uniting and heart welcoming message with forced everyone @ the Youth Hang out to sit back and ask questions to their-selves. A few of us believed and see what we did…what more if all of us believe!? I believe and I always will believe in the Benue of my dream and with all of us working together,we can do it all by ourselves!Kudos to the Tor KSS 

Those fingers should be pointing at ourselves!We can be who we want to be…we can be where we want to be…we have the force to do this for us!

As a youth favorite and Governorship Aspirant Al Utsaha was in the building educating the youths that Politics is a call to service and not a profession.

An Extra-Ordinary Shoe Maker from Benue state. This physically challenged Guy is sending a message to the world with his shoes designs and extra super Talent. He stops at nothing to inspire a lot of Benue youth to pick up skills that portrays Benue.

Kudos to Rakel Unom and the Benue Youth Team.

Photo Credits: Wíz Wizzy photography

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