Review: Events, Messages and Sights of Lead Benue Symposium

Hey People,

Hope you had a fulfilled weekend. It was a weekend filled with Youth activities which gave raise to a rebirth among Benue Youths, but If you couldn’t attend. The Rebirth was all about learning aspects in politics, education, entrepreneurship, agriculture, culture, religion and many more can LEAD the way in the advancement of our motherland.

Let me give you the gist..!!

Benue Youths voice out for inclusion in leadership and governance in Benue State and Nigeria. The leadership emancipation program took place at the JS Tarka Institute for Political Studies in Gboko, under the auspices of the The Leadership Emancipation for Advancement and Development. LEAD is a movement for greater Benue, and is proudly put together by a coalition of Benue youths determined to chart the course for all-inclusive leadership across the ages in the State. The program was tagged “THE ROLE OF THE NIGERIAN YOUTH IN NATIONAL REBIRTH” featured influential leadership experts in the academia, entrepreneurship and social development who threw light on youth concerns toward leadership and governance.

Here are the sights and messages:

“If Nigeria does not appoint you a Special Adviser, you can appoint yourself a Special Adviser in a particular way to the government. You can choose housing or any sector and contribute to National Rebirth”–  Ene Ijegwa-Adaji speaking at the Symposium on “The Role of the Nigerian Youth in National rebirth “

“Yes, the Youth Question in Nigeria has become warfare. There is a generational war between the very old and the young citizens of this country. Contrary to the widely held view that youths are leaders of tomorrow, I dare say that against the backdrop of current realities in which political leadership is anchored on the exclusive and discriminatory variable of AGE, a situation that has elevated gerontocracy as a matrix of qualification for leadership in Nigeria; the youths do not have any tomorrow beyond NOW. Guys, let us take on today positively so we can have a secured tomorrow. Let us DEMAND for today so we can fulfill our collective destiny here on earth. Tomorrow has become far and may not come….TODAY is available cash, let us use it wisely”.Every Generation has its own change agents”Prof. Okpeh Okpeh at the Symposium on “The Role of the Nigerian Youth in National Rebirth”.

The program gave Benue youths an a platform to lend a voice to issues surrounding their quest for youth inclusiveness in the affairs of the youths and their future. “To most of our leaders, the youths are only good for thuggery, cyber bullying and praise-singing. Even where our future is placed on the table for discourse, we are locked outside to protect our leaders who are indoors to decide our fate” one of the youths commented.

Highlights of the event include: Leadership Frank Talk; Unveiling of the LEAD Benue Project by Mr. Tersoo Samson Akula; Registration of Volunteers and Youth Networking. These were core values and reasons to be at the event

  1.  Creating the platform to contribute your voice to reshaping the discussions that would add value to the Democratic processes in Benue
  2.  Interrogate the Social Impact Investment (SII) ideology and how it relates to improving Benue’s economic fortunes.
  3.  Meet Benue’s finest brains. If you parade yourself an intellectual, come meet people your own size!
  4.  Practical solutions to youth involvement in national rebirth… Know what this means and how your everyday action can reshape the political destiny of Benue state
  5.  Non partisan platform… No matter your political affiliation, at this event, Benue is first
  6. Unity… This can be a unifying platform for a very thoroughly divided people who ironically have one common denominator- A better Benue
  7.  Networking. The caliber of people coming for the event are professionals. You don’t know what business deals or partnership you can strike if you are smart. “Who will be who” in Benue will be at this meeting.
  8. Reignite patriotism and willingness to work for a better Benue. Talk is cheap, come and commit to do something better for Benue.
  9. Information is power. The speakers are knowledgeable and their presentation will be impacting.
  10. Opportunity to join LEAD. It is about the biggest gathering of the most purposeful Young Benue people. LEAD has very strategic programmes to empower her members to be successful and purposeful.

“I once belong to the minority, but today I seek freedom, I am ready to go through the struggles and sacrifices. Stand up and support the movement. Leadership emancipation for advancement and development( LEAD) Benue” said a Proudly member.

Leaders are only as good as a people are. The quality of follower-ship reflects the kind of leadership offered. Bad followers cannot install good leaders. Mediocre follower-ship cannot brood and enjoy excellent leadership…!! If Benue must have good and qualitative leadership then we as indigenes must reorient and re-prioritize, we must create an atmosphere for the emergence and survival of bold and enlightened leaders. If we don’t make conscious effort to create a conducive environment for good leaders to thrive, they will be continuously driven away by bad ones. Let’s act now lest the fault and blame be ours to absorb. ‎

All Thanks to Lead Benue.

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