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Sefa Ikpa’s Inspirational Sands of Time Message @ Lead Benue Symposium 2017

I hear it’s good business to look good

That didn’t make sense in my hood

We were not just in the mood

All we cared about was the food

We were bare in the cold

To keep warm we would burn wood

Nature had made us bold

Our path was old but untold ‎


Ignorance was bliss to our fold

What we didn’t know was gold

We lived for the values we didn’t hold

Ours was a tradition that hadn’t been sold


Then came the merchants of wisdom

In the beautiful carts of fallacy

Dressed in fine robes of deceit

Selling to us maliciously their hope and promise


We couldn’t see through their shade of lies

Their scents of betrayal we couldn’t perceive

Their kisses and hugs we received

Their shoulders of hate we embraced

‎Their evil deed bore out of greed

Has become a creed among our breed

Their ill manners and means we have admitted

Their malicious methods we have imbibed ‎

They are unwanted seed that grow to become weed

And corrupt/truncate our yield ‎

On our common wealth they feed

Our sweat and toil they rid

Much aware of our need

Their nonchalant hearts refuse to yield ‎

It is not the way to LEAD

But their word we still heed

Daily we bleed

But our cries are mild

We can do better than plead

We deserve a stronger bid


We ought to LEAD Benue!  ‎

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