The Best Time of the Year to Set Your Wedding Date

Your wedding date is one of the most important planning decisions you will make. There is no one-size-fits-all, perfect wedding date; you get to choose one that is perfectly tailored to your vision for your wedding. It’s all about knowing what’s important for you to have at your wedding. So get comfortable, we’re about to drop some wedding date nuggets of wisdom from successful wedding planners.

  1. Figure out the Weather
    Out here we don’t really have weather extremes in terms of temperature – it’s pretty much hot year-round. However, we’ve all known days of torrential downpour, as well as that very annoying 7-day rain. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, the weather is extremely important; that is why a lot of couples pick the dry season when the heat is a little mellow and the chances of rain, humidity and flies are lowest.
  2. For a big wedding…
    If you want a big, fat wedding with your entire family and all your friends overseas getting jiggy with it on your big day, you might have to fix an end-of-year wedding. You might spend more, but if it’s worth it to have your entire clan with you, go for it. Also, a lot of things go on sale because wallets are open and every seller wants a piece; so you could end up saving on your dress, shoes and jewelry.
  3. Cut costs with an off-season wedding
    In peak season, venues, hairstylists and makeup artists will charge more because demand is high and so is stress; tickets will be way more expensive for those travelling- you or your guests. So, we suggest buying stuff during the discount months, then tying the knot in an off-peak wedding like in January or March when people are broke and venue prices drop.
  4. How about a week day?
    Don’t knock it till you see the merits. It’s perfect for a small wedding because only those that feel very close to you will attend. No gate crashers. Reception halls will be a steal too.
  5. Avoid major holidays and events.
    Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year and New Year’s Eve, Sallah, the month of Ramadan and even Valentine’s Day are examples of dates to avoid for your wedding. Your guests might feel torn and maybe even miss your wedding because as much as they want to celebrate you, they might have to do something else that’s important to them on those days.
  6. Pick a new, special date.
    It might be sweet to get married on your birthday or his, you don’t want your wedding anniversary competing with that down the line. It should be a particularly special day for just the two of you. Once you’ve narrowed down the ideal months for you two, pick a symbolic date like the day you met, your first date, or a date that honors the parents or grandparents.

Once you choose a wedding date, planning can commence and we have so many great posts to guide you every step of the way to your big day.

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