Thinking About Digitizing Your Wedding Party?


Digital disruptions have taken over virtually every aspect of our day to day lives. Digital fingerprints can be found in the way we interact via the web, how we transact business, how we gather and process information and even how we organize events. It is paramount that citizens of the twenty first century embrace the new wave of digitization. This is why we have decided to share with you practical steps to digitizing your wedding party.


Download or buy an application that allows you to create a work-space that syncs across your digital devices, write to-do lists, clip images or articles, upload contracts and invoices and chat with your wedding guests. Every note is one handy tool for collaborative planning and it is compatible with any operating system.


Create social media accounts or groups solely for your wedding on Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Instagram and Snap-chat. Then add your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances and everyone you what to be at your wedding.  This keeps everything about your big day in one spot and well organized. Couples can send save-the-dates and email invites, build guest lists, manage RSVP s, share information about their gift registry, wedding party, agree on party playlist, seating arrangement, venue and wedding attires etc.


Upload and share engagement, Pre-wedding and wedding photos of couple on Social media platforms. You could also write love notes for the engaged couple on the social media accounts for the wedding. Also create a hashtag on Social media for the couple e.g #SeemberwedsTersoo and make it trend. Always remember that your Social media accounts serve the purpose of engagement and publicity for your wedding guests and the general public.


Send out invites months before the wedding reception. Your invites could be in form of an email, a SMS, Social media BCs or a simple phone call. You could save yourself and your wedding planner the stress of manually distributing invites to your wedding by sending your invites to your guests electronically. Your guests will simply be required to download, print and present their invites at the wedding reception.


Share live updates from your wedding on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. You can create a live stream for your wedding using new features web features and applications. This will give guests who couldn’t be present and the general public an idea of what is going on at your wedding party. This could also serve the purpose of a wedding video.


The golden step towards successfully digitizing your wedding party is by visiting This is because the website provides couples with practical wedding planning tips, marriage tips, wedding fashion style suggestions and an available network of wedding planners, photographers, caterers, DJs, live band etc. Benue weddings also adds fun and glamour to your wedding party through sharing of your pre-wedding photos on social media and posting love notes from wedding couple on our website.

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