Tips: 10 Ideal Bachelorette Party Ideas for Classy Brides

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These ideas are great for a bride and her bridesmaids who appreciate unconventional experiences asides the usual dinner linkup. If you are the maid of honour, planning a surprise for your bestie, here are some useful ideas to help keep the bachelorette party classy:  

  1. Soap and Candle Making Workshop: This may be very useful for your bachelorette party and bride especially the aspect of mixing scents to set the tone in her new home. A house that smells nice is a home, made for relaxation.

  2. Pottery Painting: An opportunity to get the hands a little messy while creating art with your favourite girls.

  3. Private Dance Class: This could be a fun bachelorette activity for the bride and her bridal party seeing as there is a variety of dance genres to pick from: contemporary burlesque, chair dance, heel pump and salsa. These dance genres are fun and involve stepping outside one’s comfort zone. You and your ladies are guaranteed to feel like you can run the world with your sassiness and is a great confidence booster for the bride.

  4. Baking Class: This is a great idea if the bride loves baking or kept on postponing her baking debut. Arrange a class with the girls and as a fun aspect tell them to bring along recipe ideas so that everyone gets a cookie or cupcake that they like.

  5. Cocktail Mixology: Arrange a private reception at your bride’s favourite bar to learn how to make your favourite cocktails.

  6. Wine Tasting Course: Is your bride a wine lover? Round up the girls in a special course to learn how to taste and decipher the notes of your reds and whites.

  7. Medieval Times Themed Dinner: Time to dress up wearing layers of undergarments and the perfect corset and get ready to eat the best cheese, grapes and cuts of meat!

  8. Movie Watching: Watching movies  and visiting theaters including drama, musicals and dance acts. You and your bachelorette party can enjoy a theatre night out before ending the night with some nice cocktails.

  9. Manis, Pedis and Cocktails: An ideal bachelorette party idea would be to relax with your ladies with some soft music and your favorite cocktail while receiving manicures and pedicures. This is the perfect idea for a calm evening with great company.

  10. Spa Day At The Beach: Another calm opportunity to bond with your bachelorette party with sand and professional massages. This could be at a private beach house or resort in order to ensure your utmost privacy. Umbrellas, good music, BBQ and drinks are essential for this bachelorette getaway.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to stay relaxed and unworried about something going wrong because that will ruin the mood of the bridal party. It’s time to take a deep breath, keep it classy and have fun!


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