Head Gear (Gele)

GlamourNposh Gele -Wear It Loud, Wear It Proud!

First, it was Madam Kofo of second chance doing the weird but beautiful gele styles that makes us wonder ” What Was She Thinking” . Then about 20 years later and Yes! the Gele fashion has proudly grown.The Gele institution has blown to many proportions unimaginable.

Your style of Gele when attending an Event or on your wedding day is just another lovely way of personalizing your style and sway. Your Gele should have meaning,it should reflect your personality and what you stand for. 

Roll on the years, 2017 and am biting my fingers for not developing that creative side of me. However, I do believe they should be different styles of Gele for different occasions. GlamourNposh, one of the Benue’s biggest Gele creative designer. She is now an household name because of her UNIQUE STYLE OF TYING GELE!!!

Be free to call GlamourNposh on 07032234779 @anytime to get you fixed up. Here are some gele that you would just Like!!!

Make up by GlamourNposh | Gele by Glamour Nposh

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