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Why do you wear clothes?

Hey friends,

Hope you’ve been good since I last posted (One sided conversation right?)..

So my topic today is on something of relevance that we might not have given much thought to ‘Why we wear clothes’. So I’m asking you why you wear clothes? Take a minute to answer that, hmmm… I’m waiting for your answer… I’m sure some of us have never thought about it before, right?

For those who thought about it and came up with something I’m sure some of your reasons are to cover our body (See what you caused Papa Adam and Mama Eve), to protect you from cold, to cover a multitude of sins (LOL), to wear beautiful things to feel better about themselves e.g couture and for some it’s just because the society expects them to, yeah. Well, I’m not to talk about why we generally wear clothes but more of why we wear the clothes we wear, our personal style.

What’s our personal style? What are the types of clothes we love to wear? While some people go for comfort any day, I’m not talking about the way you dress at home, others prefer to make a statement every day they step out. The babes and dudes,  right?

There is this annoying saying ‘The way you dress is how you’re addressed’ which is actually very annoying but also very true except you have a big badt ride tho. Basically, once you step out of your house you don’t wear clothes for you anymore so reasons like ‘I want to be comfortable’ goes out of the window. Most people judge you and make assumptions of who you are just by looking at you and a lot of them will never get to know you and correct those assumptions, sad fact about the society. Everybody wants to be Sherlock Holmes on your matter and make deductions based on skirt and trouser. Well, why the people passing judgment based on what we wear is sad, it’s also very true and not something that’s going to change soon. What you wear describes who you are (to the world) and how you are perceived (treated) by other people.

It’s actually very important that you define how you wear clothes (your look) because an important factor we must consider is that we leave amongst people and relate and depend on them (except you’ve attained a level of independence Nigeria should strive for). So we should not just rely on what we like and what we are comfortable with when we step out, we should try to control the narrative about us, it matters and looking good takes you places. We should step out looking to talk (figuratively) and make a simple but bold statement, not to shout ooh (too loud or too flashy). Different occasions require different types of statements, as a chick you can’t wear a jean to one of those red carpet events and say you are comfortable in jeans, or for guys, you wear shorts and say you are okay in them or wear a t-shirt to a dinner party, well, I know you’ll be very very comfortable if you just sit at home, believe me, the person who invited you will forgive you.

Now there are different times for different attires, we should be able to identify those times as a proper description of those times would influence how we are seen and received. Looking good also does wonders to our confidence and self-esteem. I think we shouldn’t wear clothes just because we feel like it, sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone, change personal style to fit into the times. Look different, try out something unique. Some might say ‘I don’t dress for anybody’ well, no matter what you wear when you leave your house people are seeing you and judging and most times what you see in the mirror is totally different from what the world sees. Be confident in what you wear but also make a statement with what you wear.

Catch ya later

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